For the majority of the work you see in my portfolio I am using film as my medium. That old school analogue way of exposing light to sensitive film paper that you send off to be developed in chemicals to see your photograph. So why film? There is something about the colours, tones and texture that create a ethereal quality to the images that I am drawn to and was unable to replicate digitally. I still appreciate digital cameras and all that they offer in photography but speaking for myself as an artist I am way more connected to being in the moment, connected to life, creativity, people and the art of photography when I shoot film. Film slows me down for more intentional storytelling. 

Film sees light differently than digital sensors do, most often with digital cameras it's in post production that you bring out the exposure of the image. With film I need A LOT of natural light in the shooting process to be able to create images that are similar in quality to the ones you see on this website. If you are looking for me to give you similar images then lets chat together on how we can acheive that with locations and the timeline of our session.  If there just isn't enough available light during a full day with me (such as weddings can be), I'll shoot film for as much of time that I can but use my digital camera if the location and light calls for it. Either way I want to ensure you get the best images possible so I will choose the medium that best suits the situation. 



Q. What I will recieve if you shoot film?
A.  You will recieve scanned versions of the film negatives so that the images are available to you digitally. You will be able to download them from my online gallery just as you do with digital photos. 4x6 unbound prints of your wedding is included in all of my wedding packages as well as available for purchasing for any engagement or lifestyle sessions. Larger prints + heirloom albums are avaialable a'la carte. 

Q. What is your turn around for getting the images back to us? 
A. 4-6 weeks. With mailing off the rolls to be developed and professionally scanned I usually recieve them back in about a month depending on how backed up my lab is. If I have shot hybrid for your day (both film and digital) I might need a couple weeks to process the digitals to match the film for a cohesive collection.  

Q. How many images will I get? 
A. I can give you a custom quote on an approximate amount of images based on the specific session you are inquiring for.